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Kitten Milk Feeder

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【Safe Silicone Material】- Kitten milk feeder is made of food silicone material, which is safe to suck, easy to clean, resistant to high temperature and durable, and the silicone is soft and elastic, making pet kitten feel comfortable while sucking.
【4 Nipples】- Kitten Feeder has 4 pacifiers, soft and easy for pet babies to suck milk, let pet babies experience the feeling of real breastfeeding, and also free your hands, 4 pet cubs are breastfeeding at the same time, feeding more easily.
【Suitable For Newborn Pets】- Pet milk feeder is suitable for new born pets within two weeks. If breastfeeding of pet mothers cannot be achieved, kitten milk feeder can help with feeding pet pups.
【Scientific Design】- Imitation of breast shape, 200ml capacity, moderate nipple size fit for most baby pets, and nipples cover could help decrease the air pressure, and slow the flow rate in case of chocking, nipple stopper could protect the milk from leakage .
【Instructions for use】- Please guide the pacifier into the baby's mouth, and when it tastes the milk, it will gradually suck, if not, try a few more times, and it will suck slowly after getting used to the feeder.




Kitten Milk Feeder

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