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Cat Water Fountain

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2.2L Large Capacity & amp; Visible Water Level: The cat water dispenser has a large effective drinking space.

It's suitable for small and medium pets. The transparent window makes it easy to monitor the pet's overall water consumption.2.2L large capacity, convenient for owners to provide sufficient water for cats to drink when going on long trips

Runs Ultra Quietly: Dual noise reduction design, Helping Electric Cat Drinker run in ultra quiet mode without disturbing the lives of cats and owners. Automatic cat fountain runs absolutelv silent even when the water level gets low (less than 30dB in professional lab tests).

Quadruple Filtration System: 1. High density microporous filter screen: filtering particle impurities and floating hairs.

2. Coconut shell activated carbon: filters residual chlorine microorganisms in water and adsorbs odors. 3. Maifanshi:

After soaking, it can dissolve nearly 20 trace elements, adsorb free metals in water, and soften water with ions, making it more refreshing and sweet. 4. High density microporous filter screen: filters fine impurities such as dust brought in by the air.

Easy to clean and disassemble: simple structure, quick disassembly and assembly, smooth inner wall without scale, and owner can easily clean pet Water dispenser

Circulating and flowing water, which cats love very much, stimulates their interest in drinking water, and you no longer have to worry about the cats at home not liking it. It can effectively help increase their daily water intake.


Cat Water dispenser * 1

Anti bite USB cable * 1


This product is designed for plug-in use, so you don't need to worry about the machine running out of power when you go out. Thickened anti bite connecting wires can effectively prevent cats/dogs or other pets from biting and damaging the wires


Cat Water Fountain

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