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Cat Scratcher Ball

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Protect Your Furniture: This sisal cat scratching ball toy adopts the durable solid wood and natrual sisal ball. Put in the living room, bedroom and other places cats love to go, can prevent sofa and other furniture from being scratched by cats. Save money of maintaining furniture.

Interesting Cat Toys: This kind of sisal cat scratching ball toy is different from the ordinary cat toys. The unique hollow design meets the curiosity of cats by combining with the characteristics of cats' natural love of drilling holes. The spinning sisal ball can also greatly attract the cat's attention.

Safe & High Quality: The base of triangle frame is designed to support sisal ball, which is stable and difficult to pour, so that cats can not be hurt and safer when playing this toy. The sisal cat scratching ball is made of environment-friendly and durable materials and will not fall apart easily.


To keep cats healthy, we need to let them run, jump and grind their claws. If your cat is more and more motionless, or even depressed, please try our natural solid wood sisal ball, which can meet the needs of the cat's paw grinding. The natural solid wood sisal ball toy will rotate when it is jumped up and slapped by the cat, so that the cat can play more happily. The existence of cat hole satisfies the cat's curiosity and sense of security, so that the cat can rest in the cat hole when it is tired. When the cat plays, it can also exercise, which is very good for the cat's physical and mental health.

cat catching the ball


Triangle base + durable sisal ball, very stable and safe, naturally attract cats. Natural sisal + solid wood, let the cat play more healthy and safe. If you sprinkle some cat mint on the sisal ball, cats will like it more.

cat catching the ball

Easy Install: This cat toy equipped with a screw driver. It is very easy to install. Just connect a triangle board with a stick, put the sisal cat scratching ball on the stick at the top, then put another board on the stick, and tighten the three screws on the board.

Product Type: Grinding Claw Toys
Item No.: Triangle solid wood cat catch ball
Material: wood, sisal
Size: as shown

Cat Scratcher Ball

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